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Shipping  Policy

Once items are ordered, fulfillment can take 2-7 business days then shipping is 3-5 business.  All of our items  are  original pieces of artwork from the Artists.  These times may vary in the cases of events that are determined to be crisis in nature.

Return Policy

Thank you for shopping at Eminent Artists Agency. We strive to provide you with high-quality products and exceptional customer service. However, in order to maintain the efficiency of our operations and keep our prices competitive, we have implemented a strict No Return Policy. Please read this policy carefully before making a purchase.


Scope of the Policy:

This No Return Policy applies to all products sold by Eminent Artists Agency  online, including but not limited to clothing, accessories, electronics, appliances, furniture, and any other merchandise.


No Refunds or Exchanges: Once a product has been purchased, it cannot be returned for a refund or exchanged for another item. All sales are final. Please make sure to carefully consider your purchase before completing the transaction.

Exceptions: There are no exceptions to our No Return Policy unless explicitly stated by applicable consumer protection laws or regulations. 


Customer Responsibility: It is the customer's responsibility to provide accurate information, select the correct product, and ensure compatibility with their needs and specifications. Eminent Artists Agency will not be liable for any dissatisfaction arising from incorrect product selection or customer error.


Store Discretion: Eminent Artists Agency reserves the right to refuse returns or exchanges at its sole discretion, even in cases not covered explicitly by this policy.​​

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please contact our Customer Service for further assistance at

Thank you for your understanding 

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